Well, as predicted in this space a couple of months ago – http://www.mecmoss.com/the-apocalypse-has-begun/   – the dumping of President Obama by the Democrats, and by Hillary Clinton in particular, is now proceeding apace.  Now we have Ms. Clinton coming right out and ripping the President in The Atlantic: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/08/hillary-clinton-failure-to-help-syrian-rebels-led-to-the-rise-of-isis/375832/ .   At this rate, all the Republicans have to do is stand aside, let this slow-motion train wreck happen on its own, and stay clear of the collision.   The Democrats have finally figured out that the nation cannot survive another 2+ years of what this White House is doing to us, and the race to abandon the sinking ship has begun.  The Clinton interview is particularly entertaining, as it is essentially a national security/foreign policy statement that is spiked with recommendations that would be embraced by just about every viable Republican Presidential candidate other than Rand Paul.

None of this is to suggest that Hillary 2.0, or 6.0 or whatever, is necessarily the one true, authentic Hillary Clinton (assuming that there is such a thing), merely to indicate that even the Democrats are now figuring out the magnitude of their mistake in being conned by this President.

1 thought on “ABANDON SHIP

  1. I think you are moving too fast.
    November will tell if the Dems are waking up.
    The key is will they get out the vote.
    If they do we will not win the senate because on voting day the partisans always go home.
    If we win the next 2 years should be a donnybrook.

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