David Feherty is a Bleeding Heart Liberal

This letter is in response to a column by David Feherty in the March 2012 issue of Golf Magazine, in which Feherty, who recently became a naturalized U.S. citizen, complains about players’ strikes in professional football and basketball.

So, it turns out that David Feherty, despite his robust displays of US patriotic fervor, is a Lefty. Can’t figure out why there are player vs. owner strikes in pro sports even though both sides make big money. (Classic Lefty line employed by Feherty: “how much money do the owners have to make?”). Clearly, free-market capitalism (tempered by reasonable trade-unionism), which still remains the foundation of the American approach to economics, was not on the curriculum of Feherty’s course of preparation for the US citizenship exam. In his speculations upon what a PGA players’ strike might look like, Mr. Feherty compounds the problem by failing to imagine the most likely course of such a strike: a strike by the better players, not by the lower-end ones (such as Feherty in his brief prime), in which the big boys, who could easily form a great tour on their own, applied the squeeze to the journeymen. Careful what you wish for Mr. Re-distribution.

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