Joe Biden, Mr. Malaprop, is coming soon to a campaign near you.  Yes, that Joe Biden, our foot-in-mouth Vice-President, the guy who was supposed to be an unintelligent mistake-machine.  The forgotten Democrat.  Make no mistake, Mr. Biden is running, his campaign is already entertaining us and is nearly in full swing.  You think he is not a force to be reckoned with?  Just remember, this is the guy who was supposed to present the Republicans with their one opportunity for an easy knock-out in the 2012 debates, and he mopped up the floor with his alleged intellectual-inferior, Paul Ryan, knocked Ryan completely off his game, absolutely devastated him.  Ryan and the Romney-Ryan ticket were never the same after that one.  No, Biden is dumb like a fox and he is a confident campaigner who appeals to a whole lot of people who do not have an ideological bone in their body.  He is a pure welfare-state guy but comes across as more normal than he really is.  Do not write him off.  If/when Hillary falters, I look for Biden to claim the nomination and, unless the Republicans come up with someone better than their entire field of potential candidates in 2012, I look for Biden to win in 2016.


  1. To say that Biden has had a hugely successful career in an extremely competitive business is an understatement. He is the consummate pro and his main problems , if he runs, will be his age and the fact that he is undeniably a white male.

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