Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio stole the show. What a relief, what a pleasant surprise. What a great ticket the two of them would make, not just because of its impact upon female voters and Latino voters, not just because it would be the most effective counter to the only thing the Clinton candidacy still has going for it (“first female President,” etc.), but because these two are so competent, so verbally quick and concise, so well-informed on both the economy and national defense, and so strong on all the issues the Republican Party – in its sane intervals – has stood for, going back all the way to when the Democratic Party was the party of racial segregation and the GOP was the liberal party. I haven’t felt so good about a potential ticket since Ronald Reagan ran for President along with whoever-it-was that shared the ticket with him in his two elections.

Carly could be our own Golda Meir but with a prettier face. The woman who is tougher than all the men in the room. The visionary CEO who got dumped by Hewlett Packard but is now supported by the guy who led the revolt against her, the guy who has now acknowledged that Carly was right and he and his colleagues were wrong. After she got the economy rolling again and our international role re-established, she could deliver the reins into the competent hands of her younger VP.

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