I do not wish to seem too cynical about the Tiger Woods injuries saga, but this latest miracle recovery does make one think just a little tiny bit that some of these injuries have a certain phantom quality to them.  As in, Mr. Woods can heroically win a US Open on one leg, but a little owie in the back can disable him completely when he is 10 strokes off the lead.  And then he shows up ready to play the next week.

Guess we’ll have to keep reading about him as long as the sports press keeps writing about him, but, between his difficulties with the Rules of Golf and his difficulties with injuries when he is out of contention, the man is just plain boring.  If his ski goddess wanted to slam him around a bit with a slalom ski or something, or maybe toss him down an expert slope, that might be amusing, but waiting around for him to reproduce the old magic is getting to seem pretty silly – and, for a lot of people, an unappreciated distraction from the good golf that is being played by Rory and others.  Having to watch Michelle Wie when she is out of contention is bad enough, but this Tiger thing is getting really old.  I know the ratings are down a bit, but is golf really that hard up?


3 thoughts on “GOING DOWNHILL FAST

  1. It’s such a pleasure to watch Rory and the newly adult Sergio that I forgot all about Tiger. Thanks for reminding me that his MIA status is alive and well. Now, back to Rory, the newly adult Sergio and the other golf competitors who let their golf, not their imagined status, command the headlines as well as our attention.

  2. Tom Watson will win the PGA and pick himself for the Ryder cup. Phil will play himself on and Dustin Johnson will get a leave from rehab. Tiger will miss the cut and marry Lindsay Vonn on Labor Day. No worries

  3. Tiger and Lindsay have a new downhill toboggan run on south beach. It is part of the new tractor pull circus and will be televised 24/7 on the golf channel. TNT. A&E history channel and Oprah. Maybe Survivor. Tom Watson sits on the beach with binoculars. Good fun.

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