Congratulations to Prime Minister Netanyahu!    Your re-election is the final proof:  no one should ever again imagine that any pre-election poll represents anything but propaganda.  Collateral benefit:  final proof that whenever President Obama decides to spend American taxpayers’ money on attempts to influence an election, be it for Prime Minister of Israel, U.S. Senator, State Governor, or dog catcher in Tahiti, the opposing party should immediately throw a victory party.

While we are at it, how about a couple of cheers for Bibi for telling the world the truth about the charade of American “negotiations” over giving Iran whatever it wants, in return for a press release announcing peace in our time?  And how about a cheer for Sen. Tom Cotton for giving both the U.S. and Iran several excuses for declining to make such a lousy deal?

And speaking of good news, how about the ritual hara kiri being performed by Hillary Clinton and her election campaign?

Semi-good news:  did not take very long for Netflix to figure out that it had been played, that the trouble with the Obama White House is that it won’t stay bought.  (Apologies to the late Mayor Lindsay of NY.)  Just when the Netflices thought they had committed a masterstroke of corporate cronyism, the final version of the FCC’s Net Neutrality order was already starting to be understood as a lousy deal for Netflix, just as it is for everyone else affected by this fiasco.   Fool me once, shame on you,  . . .  .

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