Check out this news release, regarding the US medic who now appears to have contracted Ebola through administering treatment to the infected Liberian patient, entitled “Top US doctors: Hospital worker infected with Ebola by ‘breach in protocol,’ changes in handling patients are coming:”

As they say, you cannot make this stuff up.  The problem is not the fault of our head of the CDC, the eloquent Dr. Tom Frieden, the problem lies with the poor woman who tried to provide medical care but did not follow applicable protocols.  Dr. Frieden does generously acknowledge that the breach may have been unintentional (the woman did not actually intend to kill herself), and that “it’s not easy to do right,” and indeed Frieden agrees that probably the protocol should be changed, but hey, bottom line, it is not the government’s fault.  Overall, Ebola is still not a major threat, the real threat is those dummies who do not follow regulations.  And of course the solution, as it always is with the central planners, is not to dump the plans and let the healthcare professionals do their jobs,  but to add more layers to the plans.

Hard to identify the inspiration for Dr. Frieden’s spot-on channeling of his uberboss, President Not-My-Fault.  I mean, was he hired because he had already perfected the black arts of passing the buck and obfuscating, or did he learn Irresponsibility 101 by just watching the master at work?

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