Let me be clear (OK, sorry, that line was plagiarized):  a lie is not a false statement, an inaccurate prediction, or an opinion with which one disagrees.  Here is a typical definition of “lie” (from Wikipedia):  “A lie is a statement that is known to be untrue and is used to mislead.”    Another (from  “an untrue or deceptive statement deliberately used to mislead.”    Note the key words: “known,” “deliberately,” “used to mislead.”  A statement that eventually proves to be false but was believed by the speaker to be true when he uttered it, is not a lie.  For example, the assertion that “Bush lied” about Saddam’s WMDs is not correct, as it has never been demonstrated that Mr. Bush knew, at the time he made the indicated statements, that his statements were false.  His statements might have been false statements, but they were not lies.  If ObamaCare somehow survived and succeeded during the remainder of the Trump administration, Mr. Trump’s prediction of its failure would not be a lie, it would just be a flawed prediction.  When the president states that economic nationalism is preferable to free trade under certain circumstances, that is not a lie, it is just a controversial opinion.

President Trump has issued false statements, bad predictions, and suspect opinions, but few (if any) lies.  On the contrary, he has made a remarkable number of specific promises and has already kept a great many.  It is now clear that he did not lie when he said he would nominate a conservative to the Supreme Court and said he would attempt to limit illegal immigration, to replace and reform ObamaCare, to demand more from our NATO partners, to cut red tape in government, to balance the budget, etc.  In this writer’s lifetime (which covers a lot of presidencies), no other candidate has even come close to matching this president’s record of laying out an extensive and specific set of campaign promises and then, once elected, systematically keeping those promises, acting upon one after another after another with alacrity, vigor, and passion.

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