Can it be that the ordering of a traffic jam in a crowded bridge-access area, to annoy political opponents, is way bigger, way more-important news than the ordering of IRS harassment and discrimination against political opponents?   More important than the confirmation of our worst fears about the Benghazi tragedy, that the Obama presidential campaign deliberately lied to the public about the nature and cause of the tragedy in order to win the election? More important than the confirmation that the Obama campaign deliberately lied to the public about the nature of ObamaCare (“you won’t lose your doctor, you won’t lose your plan,” etc.) in order to win the election?   

In the presence of a Democratic Party that so thoroughly controls the media that it is able to accomplish that degree of manipulation, can the Republican Party, so intent on playing it straight (viz., Mitt Romney) and so inept at communicating its message to a public that appears to prefer governmental assistance over individual liberties, ever win another presidential election?  Would the President, having openly confirmed his willingness to bypass all constitutional restraints upon his powers (“I have a phone, I have a pen . . .”), even allow such an election?  As a former President once put it, are we still misunderestimating our current President?

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