Why do we still have press briefings by the Press Secretary?  In fact, why do we still have a press secretary, if his primary function is to argue with an adversarial press corps?  The mainstream media have become so partisan that the briefings no longer serve the function of keeping the public informed on current events; the reporters believe their role is to present opinions and arguments and to bait the Trump Administration into policy debates. These adversarial proceedings have little upside for the Administration and are a waste of its time, because the only verdicts from these contests are the ones the media choose to declare.  Guess who turns out to be the winner most of the time.

The purpose here is not to debate the existence or utility of leftward bias in the media.  Everyone knows what is going on, that the media have supplanted the Democratic Party as the political representative of the American Left and are attempting to re-educate the electorate in a leftward direction. Everyone knows the Deep State and the Never-Trump wing of the Republican Party are more foe than friend. Everyone knows there is no way for the Right to win a debate when the media act as judge and jury. No matter what the Administration does, the media respond with negative editorial opinion presented as though it were fact, opinion that ignores, distorts, redacts, or misrepresents the Administration’s views.  So, what to do?  How can the public be kept informed, when the Left has a virtual monopoly in the media?

The press briefing is not the answer.  Fox News is not the answer, now that the second generation of Murdochs has destroyed Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly and exiled or muzzled many other conservatives in its pursuit of “fair and balanced” reporting.  For now, conservatives still have talk radio and the Editorial Department of The Wall Street Journal, though one wonders how much longer can Paul Gigot et al fight the good fight, considering the paper is owned by the Murdochs and the Editorial Department already has to share quarters with the Journal’s left-leaning News Department?

A proposed solution:  a Trump Administration news service, aimed at those who still know there is a difference between fact and opinion but have no way to know about important stuff that has been buried by the mainstream media, events they had no idea had occurred.  How about a service that would report the most-important news and identify the incorrect, incomplete, or misleading stuff being peddled by The New York Times, the Washington Post, the principal newspapers in most other major metropolitan areas, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NPR, the Associated Press and other national press services, the majority of news-oriented periodicals, and the social media?  There would be no “live” audience, no questions from media people, no debates or arguments with them, just a distillation of the latest news and a listing of errors and omissions made by the media.  Would at least Fox telecast it?  Could it be done via the social media?  Governance by tweet and scripted-announcement, anyone?

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