Once again, it is shown that modern political polls are junk. The U.K. elections are the latest example.

One is tempted to observe, as this writer did in , that contemporary political polls are trash. My thinking was, the polls have morphed into pure propaganda, exercises in which the Left shows its superiority in working the media. I still believe that to be true, despite the Right having belatedly jumped into this race to the ethical bottom.

Now comes another perspective, this from a UK writer published in the Notable and Quotable section of today’s (5/11/15) edition of the Wall Street Journal. The polls might not be as corrupted as I have suggested. What may have happened, regarding a great many issues, is that Leftist propaganda has become so ubiquitous, and so effective, that a great many conservatives have become reluctant to articulate to anyone – even a pollster – any opinion that is not in line with Leftist doctrine. Politically correct speech has become the norm. And so these people keep their true preferences to themselves, and express them only in the polling booth.



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