Well, there you have it. Trump’s Nevadan-acolytes have dropped the fate of the country into the hands of Ted Cruz.

Even if both Kasich and Carson dropped out of the Republican race, the margin between Trump and the rest of the field might be too big for anyone to close. But if either Rubio or Cruz dropped out (ideally, after the TX primary, in which their joint presence would suppress the Trump vote), the other would be a good bet to become the nominee and could lick his chops over the prospect of running against whichever Democrat was not yet in prison. If the nominee is Rubio, it appears that the outcome is a slam dunk for the Republicans; if the nominee is Cruz, all bets are off, because his general appeal is almost as limited as Trump’s.

So, here is the question for Senator Cruz: would you rather the country be led by Rubio or by Bernie Sanders? Are you all in for your country, or are you all in for Cruz?

1 thought on “RUBIO OR BUST?

  1. How far we have fallen.
    It is hard to say President Trump.
    It is impossible to say President Clinton or Sanders or Biden or Gore.
    Perhaps Cruz can be convinced to drop out and promised to be the Supreme Court nominee. Unfortunately after he wins Texas he will think he can be the nominee.
    After watching and listening intently Mr. Rubio is my choice. I pray that the Republican voters come to their collective senses and agrees.

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