The 47% Omission Was No Accident

For those of you who are baffled by Obama’s failure to use the debate to attack Romney over Romney’s “gaffe” in correctly pointing out that 47% of the country is unlikely to vote for him, despite his concern for their welfare:

  • The reason Obama did not raise the 47% point, is that he figured out the obvious:  Romney is extremely smart and well- prepared and would have easily shot down the point if Obama raised it, and Obama would rather raise it in a snarky ad than in a forum where Romney can answer and defeat it.  The omission had nothing to do with the President’s being “off his game.” Look for Obama to use the same strategy on other major issues in the next two debates.

Obama now knows that he is going to lose all the debates.  (All four, counting Biden vs. Ryan.)  His only hope is to make his case outside of the debates – going all-negative, all-nasty, all based on stuff he would not dare to say to Romney in a debate.  Within the debates, he will go bland and virtually mute while trying to bring off a rope-a-dope.  Get ready for David Axelrod channeling Saul Alinsky.  This is gonna get ugly.


1 thought on “The 47% Omission Was No Accident

  1. The liberal Obama administation have lied so much and even though they know people are on to them, they lie anyway. Maybe Obama even believed these lies, perhaps he did not know the difference between his lies and the truth, and that is why he did so poorly on the debate.

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