Things are coming to a head.  The scheduled end of the Obama term is still 2 ½ years away, but in Internet time, that is forever.  We cannot last that long.  By my count, we are well past 3 dozen White House actions (or inactions) that are such serious mistakes that any one of them could have brought down any previous American Presidency since the beginning of the 20th century, and yet this President survives.  But now these tragicomic screw-ups are coming so fast and furious that it is hard to imagine this can go on for much longer without some kind of major political disaster – for the President, for the people of the United States, or both.  The President gives the impression that he is beyond feeling the need to respond to the chaos that is following in his wake, that he has determined to ride out his uber-leftist fantasy to the end, that he is no longer interested in any kind of governmental action other than executive orders, federal regulations, and signing statements, as though Congress and the judiciary were no longer relevant, mere annoyances to be ignored or brushed aside.   We are, alas, a banana republic.  Not only that, the pace is, if anything, accelerating:  who can keep up with Benghazi, the IRS, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, the VA scandal, and now the bizarre mishandling of the deserter-for-Taliban swap (while the one man we do leave behind is a truly honorable Marine who still rots in a Mexican jail) .

Here is how this is going to end:  the President will be impeached.  No, the Republicans will not repeat their Clinton mistake, they will be spared having to embarrass themselves again.  The surprise ending:  the Democrats will do it themselves.  (If you doubt there are legal grounds for impeachment, check out Andrew C. McCarthy’s just-published Faithless Execution:  Building the Political Case For Obama’s Impeachment.  And then add to the case the Bergdahl fiasco.)  Hillary Clinton, in what will amount to the de facto announcement of her 2016 candidacy for the Presidency, will lead the abandonment of Mr. Obama, declaring enough is enough and positioning herself as the only politician tough enough to put an end to the Obama international give-aways – and, for good measure, the one Democrat who learned enough from the early trashing of “HillaryCare” in the 90s to understand the correct way to reform ObamaCare.  (A ridiculous  argument but an effective one).  Sen. Feinstein, in criticizing the President for the Bergdahl affair, has already started the move.  It is coming.


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