Reading the reports on how Sandra Fluke, the notorious spokesperson for the Free-Birth-Control-For- Everyone movement, has found the means not only to pay for her own birth control but also to pay for an extravagantly expensive political campaign for herself.  So, I guess the Fluke episode was a matter of principle, not financial need.  Got it.   Got me to thinking about Ms. Fluke’s fellow FBCFE member, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is apparently still getting even for a sexist snub 54 years ago and is using her bully pulpit as one of the Supremes to continue making her point.  As Justice Ginsburg recently advised Katie Couric on TV, we stupid men are prevented by genetics from grasping the principle that women do not really have control over their bodies until that control is paid for by someone else.  Got it.

From the perspective of the leftist branch of the feminist movement (I nod to the preposterous possibility that there is another branch), apparently a legal right is not really a full-fledged legal right until it is not only conferred but subsidized, regardless of the recipient’s financial means.  You don’t really have it unless you get reimbursed for exercising it. Birth control – whether it prevents conception or terminates whatever it is that the unborn fetus experiences other than life – is not really made into a full, romping/stomping “right” until it is not just made legal and available everywhere, to every woman, but fully paid for either by the government or by a private employer coerced by the government into providing or paying for it.   And of course the mere act of expressing puzzlement (not to mention bemusement) over that clarification is the practical equivalent of changing your online nickname to “sexist misogynist pig.”  Got it.  I think.

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