The Ryder Cup: Couldn’t We Have Choked More Quickly?

Very impressed with the new Johnny Miller, who managed to make it through the final hour of the Ryder Cup telecast without even once (at least, not while I was not in the bathroom) uttering the most famous word in his vocabulary.  So, filling the void left by Johnny’s good behavior, I shall get it off my chest and say it for him:  CHOKE, CHOKE, CHOKE, CHOKE, CHOKE.  That was once each for Matt Kuchar, Webb Simpson, Tiger Woods, Steve Stricker, and Jim Furyk.

Everyone knows that slow play is hurting golf, that the US pros set a terrible example, and that over-studying the greens is the major reason why US pros take forever.  But Jim Furyk is a special case.

Had a nightmare last night.  Furyk made at least three dozen consecutive false starts with putter in hand, but had been unable to pull the trigger by the time I thankfully awoke.   Each time, he reread the green.  Actually, the dream could have been worse:   Furyk could have finally attempted the putt, and – consistently with his record with short putts in big tournaments this year – missed it badly.  Or, it could have been a Ground Hog Day sequence  in which a tag team of Furyk and Keegan Bradley performs pre-shot  routines in an endless loop without ever actually hitting a shot.  Still, it represented a new take for me on what Hell might be like if I fail to repent.

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