President Obama seems oblivious to the fact that the Protestant Reformation of Christianity began about 500 years ago and that the Catholic Church, under the current Pope, appears to favor the same policies of income re-distribution and “social justice” that the President prefers.  The President chooses to ignore the fact that slavery was abolished in the U. S. in 1865, almost a century before it had finally been abolished in the Islamic countries of the Middle East.  Could he not know that America did not participate in the Crusades, that America has never beheaded anyone for anything, that America has never engaged a suicide bomber or flown a jet liner into a high-rise office building?  How has he come to believe that America must “get off its high horse” and yield the moral high ground to the Middle East?

Or is Mr. Obama’s behavior based not on ignorance of history, but on his own social and political sympathies and values, his antipathy toward Western civilization in general?  Does the President buy the Middle Eastern argument that the United States is motivated primarily by greed (control of the oil supply) or religious bigotry (anti-Muslim/pro-Jewish)?  Does the President believe that the history of American policies and actions toward the Middle East is one long parade of cynical, opportunistic misdeeds?   Does the President share the opinion, prevalent in much of the Middle East, that America – indeed most of the West – is materialistic, corrupt, irreligious, secular in its government, obscene and lacking in spirituality in its values, and morally degenerate and that it deserves the animosity directed toward it by ISIS, al Qaeda, and nearly all Middle Eastern Muslims?  Does the President still bear the same grudge against Israel, treat Israel as the same scapegoat for Middle Eastern troubles, as do most other Middle Eastern countries? Does the President believe that the deployment of suicide bombs, airplane bombs, beheadings, human incinerations, and human shields against the U.S. is understandable, even excusable, because of our history?  Is he unable to utter the words “Islamic terrorism” because he believes terrorism is non-Islamic, even when performed in the name of Islam?

OK, fair enough.  Lots of serious, intelligent people have expressed such views.  But here’s the problem:  we expect that of our enemies, not our President.  How can a person holding such views be the President of the United States?  How can we have a President whose sympathies lie with our enemies, who believes that our enemies are virtuous and we are not, who is essentially on their side?

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