This is directed to those of you who rely upon such sources as the New York Times, CNN, and the so-called “major” TV networks and who thus might otherwise never even hear about things such as this:


If any of you still clings to the notion that President Obama is anything but a serious foe of Israel, I have to confess, your persistence is beyond my ability to grasp.  If any of you are American Jews whose emotional connection to the political left still prevents them from realizing that this President is on neither Israel’s side nor theirs, I believe your plight is more to be pitied than scorned.

The President’s endgame, though apparent to many Republicans and conservatives from day one, is just now coming into sharp focus for everyone else.  The strategy is now clear:  the President wants Israel to fail and its sworn enemy, Iran, to succeed.  He is, believe it or not, rooting for our enemy against our ally.  He is willing to sacrifice Israel in order to achieve the illusion of peace with a vast area, essentially an Islamic caliphate, that is dominated by a nuclear Iran and by Islamist terrorists.  His attitude toward Israel is not just a lack of strategic support, it is a genuine animus:  the White House’s behavior toward Prime Minister Netanyahu, which has degenerated from insults to hostility and now overt threats, is simply astonishing.

Nothing should sharpen one’s focus like the spectre of a Middle East in which Iran, sworn to our destruction, has nuclear weapons and the means with which to target the continental U.S. with them, and in which the only nation that is even nominally our ally is Israel.  We still have a few uneasy friends in the area, or at least hold-outs, but with the crumbling of the present regime in Yemen, the death of King Abdullah, and the collapsing of the last vestiges of U.S. support in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, not to mention the tentative neutrality of our onetime friends in Egypt and Turkey, it is easy to envision a Middle East in which Israel is totally surrounded by people who want it wiped off the map or would not be upset if it were.  The Israelis must undoubtedly be thinking, with friends like America, who needs enemies?

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