As I was saying ( see  ), here is Phil Mickelson comparing his own swing to Tiger’s:

“My body isn’t beat up like a lot of guys. My swing isn’t like Tiger’s, or Jason Day’s, Dustin Johnson’s, even Hunter Mahan’s. I don’t have a really fast golf swing that has a lot of viciousness, a lot of fierceness, where the torque and power that’s released is hard on the knees, the back. My swing is big and long and has a wide, wide arc. That doesn’t put any pressure on my body … I’m like a kicker in the NFL. I’m not beat up. I can keep playing at a high level for a long time.”

That is a quote from Phil Mickelson, being interviewed by Rick Reilly for ESPN on May 21, 2114.  See:

I rest my case.  Phil, who is definitely Old School, said it almost as well as I did.

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