Somewhere, Caroline Wozniacki and J.J. Watt Are Laughing

Maybe the weekend will prove me wrong, but do you suppose Tiger Woods has a better chance at a resurrected career than Rory McIlroy – who may have already peaked?   If Spieth cruises, I would short Nike and go long on Adidas, as this kid seems to have the mental makeup to complement a complete golf game.  Spieth vs Johnson could be like Dempsey vs Tunney (which happened before the world began) – the slugger vs. the complete game.  I, for one, have always disliked the contemporary strategy of preferring to leave yourself a wedge from the rough rather than a 5-iron from the fairway, and Spieth could have the answer:  false dilemma, as neither strategy is as good as hitting an 8-iron from the fairway.

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