The End Is Near

Forget the US economy, which has now been so hamstrung by the planned-economy strategies of the Obama administration that it can only recover in spite of those strategies, not because of them.  Focus upon foreign policy, international affairs, national security.  Take a look at what Putin is attempting in Ukraine and Syria, what the Chinese are doing in the South China Sea (and as North Korea’s enabler), what Venezuela has just done to its opposition leader.  Consider our farcical nuclear “deal” with Iran, and our positions on the Israel/Palestinians issue.  Think about where we stand in Iraq and Afghanistan, having effectively given away both.  Think about Taiwan.  And then, consider:  If you were Putin, or Xi Jinping of China, or Rouhani of Iran, or Kim Jong-un of North Korea, or Maduro of Venezuela,  what would you do next?  Could you possibly resist the temptation to flex your muscles, expand your hegemony as though the United States of America did not even exist? Could you afford to miss out on this once-in-a-hundred-years opportunity to exploit the shocking weakness and diffidence of this U. S. President and the fecklessness of his Secretary of State?  Would you sit on your hands for 3 long, tempting years?  Are you kidding?

We have one remaining chance to prevent irreparable, permanent damage to this country, and it is a long shot:  the Democrats themselves have to remove their own President.  For obvious reasons, the Republicans would never consider initiating such a movement.  No, for statesmanship to occur at this hour, it would have to arise from within the ranks of the ruling Party.  Former Secretary Clinton, the enabler (if not the intellectual mother) of this whole grotesque package of appeasement and “negotiation” and decline, might be the only Democrat who could pull it off – especially as this might represent her last, best chance to become President.

1 thought on “The End Is Near

  1. Have you forgotten to take your medications?
    Your premise is good but your solution is off the rails.
    Name one Democrat who would stand up for the Country, just one and please do not name a Clinton, Hill or Bill.
    If this pending election does not clean out the Senate and expand the Repubs. hold on the House the following two years will complete the “fundamental change” the moron promised.

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