The End Is REALLY Near

In case you might have been dubious about my recent statement that pro football is in serious trouble, here is a news release from today:

“The NFL has hired Cynthia C. Hogan, a former deputy assistant in the Obama administration, as its senior vice president of public policy and government affairs.

“Hogan will help run the NFL’s Washington, D.C., office and will report to Paul Hicks, the league’s executive vice president of communications and public affairs.

“The addition of Hogan, who was part of the White House staff from 2009 to 2013, marks the NFL’s latest front-office hire following widespread criticism for its handling of Ray Rice‘s domestic abuse case.  . . . .

“The NFL announced the hiring of Hogan on Tuesday, one day after appointing three domestic-violence experts — all women — to serve as senior advisers to the league.”

Does this suggest to you that the league is being pushed hard Left, that Commr. Goodell may indeed be skating on thin ice,  that the brotherhood of the rich white guys may think they are in a bit of trouble?  That when they think they need to start turning to females and Obamaphiles to save them, the sport may be in serious trouble?   Sure does to me.


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