Here is the text of a letter I wrote to the Wall Street Journal that was published (with virtually zero editing) in the Letters section of today’s (3/16/13) Journal:

Peggy Noonan, in “The Anti-Confidence Man” (Opinion, 3/9/13), seems to be living in a time-warp.  Five years into the Obama era, she is still critiquing him as though he were a sort of wonky LBJ (or maybe a thuggish Gene McCarthy), still wondering why he is waiting so long to install any of the easy, obvious fixes that would re-start the stagnant economy.  “It’s all so frozen, so stuck. Just when American needs a boost . . . Mr. Obama is making the same mistake he made four years ago . . he does not see it.  He thinks he’s in a wrestling match . . . Once they (the American people) do (have jobs), so much will follow – deficits will go down . . . There’s little sense he sees this.”

Sadly, it is not the President who “does not see it”, it is Ms. Noonan.  The President sees exactly what he wants, which is a steady march (actually, a decline) toward Democratic Party domination of all three branches of government and a collectivist, statist, planned-economy government, and if it means keeping the economy on hold – rather than fixing our fiscal and monetary policies, which would cause temporary pain (spiking interest rates) and might thus cost him the mid-term elections – he is more than willing to oblige.  The President is not oblivious to our pain, he is manipulating it – and winning.

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