Well, there goes the season.  Even earlier than usual.

I refer to our Texans, who could not bring themselves to promise free agent QB Josh McCown that they would substantially outbid the Bucs for his services, apparently because they first had to run him through their screening process – as though that would expose something they could not have already figured out by studying NFL Coaches Film and doing their homework in advance.  Now the McNairs find themselves in a truly depressing situation.  They are doomed to open the season with the best of the following “choices” at quarterback:  (a) Matt Schaub (Mr. Pick-Six); (b) another veteran QB who is not even as good as either McCown or Schaub; and (c) one of the three college QBs who are rated as the best available in the draft but are generally thought to be mediocre prospects with low probability of first-year success.  I am not sure even the Seahawks could make the playoffs if those were their only options at QB for this year.

Of course, this is the same team that had already put itself in salary-cap hell with stupid contracts for Ed Reed, Arian (Moonbeam) Foster, Schaub, etc., the team that in recent years has dumped starters Glover Quin, Connor Barwin, DeMeco Ryans, and Jacoby Jones so that they could go on to star for other teams, and the team that wasted all but three of its nine 2013 draft picks.  Wonder what we could get in trade for GM Rick Smith at this point.  


  1. Its very sad.
    As a Chicagoan you were in the hands of the Halases and you suffered through generational pain of Da Bears who have never known how to draft, cultivate a draft choice, or hire a veteran to QB the team. Sporadically they had such a good “team” that even horrible to mediocre QB play did not stop them from winning a title and even one Super Bowl. Now your fate is in the hands of the McNairs.
    Suffer on my friend.

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