To those who still find it hard to accept the notion that President Obama would intentionally, knowingly, take actions that appear to give a higher priority to his and his party’s accumulation of political power than they to do the national defense and security of the United States, I  suggest a re-visiting of the history of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, particularly the actions of Lenin in selling out his country (Russia) in exchange for  assistance from its enemy (Germany)  in the revolutionary takeover of Russia by Lenin and his Bolshevik party.  And to those who mistake our President for just another soft Lefty who does not have the instincts or the will to use violence as an instrument of national policy, I suggest they recall what Lenin did to the territorial concessions of Brest-Litovsk once he had acquired absolute political power in Russia.

The motivations of this President, which are now on broad display through his breathtakingly-vindictive actions during the debt-ceiling debate, should no-longer be a mystery to anyone.  The time for giving him the benefit of the doubt, for expecting him to display Presidential behavior in leading a reconciliation of our warring political parties in the interests of national security and financial stability, is over.  We are in the midst of another revolution.

2 thoughts on “WATCH OUT

  1. Glad to see you’re writing again. I see your point as a stretch. But I can’t say that your point is without justification.

  2. The Democrats seem to have done an effective job of selling the public on the idea that the attempt by the GOP to use such leverage as they have to further their policies is “extortion” while the administration’s refusal to enter into meaningful negotiations is somehow a righteous response to blackmail.

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