You can’t make what you can’t see. Maybe Woods Needs Another Round of Lasik

Speaking of Tiger and his putting, it is generally known that the benefits of Lasik surgery are not necessarily forever.    And it is known that Woods has had the surgery twice, in 1999 and 2007, and that each surgery was followed by a solid run of high-level play.  And that the benefits of Lasik are apparently far more likely to recede, eventually, in the case of people who, like Woods, had terrible eyesight to begin with.    Personally, I would be interested to know whether Woods’s eyesight is as good today as it was immediately after the 2007 surgery – especially, considering his comments yesterday after blowing up in the final round at Pebble Beach, to the effect that he was never able to see the line.  Granted, even pros with perfect vision are occasionally wont to observe that, on a given day, they cannot “see” the line, but maybe in Tiger’s case he means it literally.  For sure, if you cannot see the line, you cannot putt.


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