What Republicans tend to miss about Hillary Clinton is that, in lefty world, she is hot.  Yes, that may be hard to imagine, for anyone who has noticed that passing Madame Secretary in the hallway from the rear can be as daunting as passing a moving van on a crowded expressway, or for anyone put off a bit by coke-bottle glasses, dirty hair, and pants suit outfits.  No, what you are missing is that, back in her Wellesley days, Hillary was actually quite fetching – though not exactly in a Vassar Daisy Chain kind of way.  Spouting Saul Alinsky and urging revolution, she cut quite the figure in the days of sex, drugs, and rock & roll.  Remember, this is the woman who dragged to the altar a world-class sexual predator, the woman who brought to his knees a man who almost forfeited the White House because of his predilection for bringing young women to theirs.  Yes, Elizabeth Warren may be an Ivy League pin-up in her designer granny-glasses and Subaru Outback style, and Janet Yellen may be closer to the prototypical radical grandma, but Hillary is the real thing when it comes to the American left’s inner Angela Davis or Gloria Steinem.  She may be clueless when it comes to her alleged specialty of foreign policy, but she still has the aura of perky revolutionary babe for loads of people who are outside of the marketing world’s prime demographic.  Do not misunderestimate her appeal.

2 thoughts on “HILLARY IS . . . HOT?

  1. Notwithstanding the humiliating exposure of his sexual misadventures and his brazen mendacity Bill seems to be more popular than ever. He is a major asset for Hillary, and, along with a very impressive resume of her own and the appeal of following our first black president with a female one, I think she’ll be tough to beat.

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