Netanyahu’s Speech: “No Viable Alternatives” – ?

Yes, it was a fabulous speech.  Echoes of Churchill, spine-tingling, inspiring.  Courteous and respectful not just to his hosts but to those who fought to silence him.  Direct, clear, concise.  What a leader, what a communicator, what a mensch!   But what about President Obama’s bored comment:  nothing new here, no “viable alternatives” – ?

In case you missed it, the alternative, though Mr. Netanyahu prudently declined to talk trash, was implicit in every word he uttered:  WAR!  Either you guys fix this immediately, or Israel shall attack  –  soon, and with or without your assistance.   The Prime Minister did in fact articulate the one viable alternative: negotiate with the Iranian leadership by building leverage, not squandering it.   Hit them with massive  economic sanctions and pressure, enlist allies if you can.  Make no deals until you know they have reversed their nuclear course.  Recognize that Iran, under its present leadership, will never be your friend.  But understand that if America fails to take care of this promptly, Israel will initiate military action, regardless of the whether the odds are in its favor.

Worth noting:  the PM confirmed this site’s analysis from last week:  Israel understands the US is prepared to dump on Israel as the price of buying Iran’s help in fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda and maybe getting Iran as its new best friend.  As Netanyahu put it, the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy.

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